Hydroponic Supplies

Grow System/ Trays/ Reservoirs

We offer complete hydroponic growing systems and accessories. From the 12 site Flo-N-Gro Ebb & Flow System to the single Flo-N-Gro Momma Bubbler Bucket, beginner or experienced growers can get their grow space equipped with state-of-the-art hydroponic equipment in minutes. Flo-N-Grow has earned its reputation as the ultimate plug-n-play hydroponic grow system on the market.

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The Fill/Drain Fitting Kit includes one fill/drain fitting (custom bulkhead fitting with 1/2 in screen, nut and O-ring) and one overflow fitting (PVC tube and adapter with 1 in screen). These work great individually, but work together to allow you to make a tray into an ebb/flow system.

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Aeroponics Systems

The Rainforest 66 is a favorite among users who wish to grow medium to large size plants. Vortex® Sprayer lifts and oxygenates the nutrient solution and then gently distributes it over cutting’s bases or root systems. This system includes: 17-Gallon reservoir with lid, six – 6 in lid inserts, Vortex® Sprayer, 6 in plastic cups and 3-Part Flora Kit.

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Pumps and Irrigation

We feature a complete selection of water delivery systems, components and accessories. From pumps and aeration systems, to hydroponic dosing systems for accurate and reliable nutrient delivery, irrigation tubing and irrigation fittings you’ll find the broadest and best selection of hydroponic water pumps and irrigation supplies at Sunlight Supply. Beyond selection are the best brands available, Hydro Flow, JAIN, Netafim, Dosatron, Rain Drip, EcoPlus, Mondi, Danner and others.

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Indoor Greenhouses

We stocks the complete line of Sun Hut grow tents and accessories. Assembling an indoor greenhouse has never been easier with several greenhouse designs and the very latest in greenhouse materials for small greenhouses to large indoor grow tents. It’s never been easier to build your own greenhouse for indoor gardening that’s effective and affordable.

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