GrowSpan utilizes elements from existing ESAPCO companies, FarmTek and ClearSpan, and these companies will continue to remain as a trusted foundation. GrowSpan will further reinforce the manufacturing heritage and continue to provide innovative and custom greenhouse structures, while also increasing our focus on the growing community through the development of new greenhouse structures and accessories.

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International Greenhouse Company

IGC has been building commercial greenhouses around the country and around the world for the past 18 years. During this time period, hundreds of greenhouse projects have been completed in almost every state and several different countries. Our team has decades of combined expertise through every phase of the commercial greenhouse project, from project design to permitting, to construction, to equipping and training.

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Emerald Kingdom

Whether your goal is to grow quality food for your family or you want to start or expand a business, our versatile greenhouses will simplify the process. With affordable prices and eco-conscious options, there is simply no reason to pass on an Emerald Kingdom Greenhouse kit. Select from Automated Blackout greenhouses, Smart greenhouses, and more to ensure you can grow exactly what you want.

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Forever Flowering Greenhouses

FFG began as a vision one day on the farm – growing, doing it, coming up with ways to do it better. With a background of two decades in the field came the ideas of how to create products for others to do it as well. Each growing cycle provided a deeper understanding of the plants and their needs. With each season came lessons from our experience on how to create a better growing environment that needed less daily input and reduced the margins of error.

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