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A Letter To Our Community

Our beloved Wine Country has endured an unimaginable tragedy and we are grieving for those who have lost lives, homes, and businesses. Thrive Hydro and Healdsburg survived the flames, but we have been affected personally as well, so we have tremendous compassion for everyone who is experiencing this very challenging time. 

As our brave firefighters continue to bring the wildfires to an end, stories of hope, generosity, and heroism abound. Our Thrive family and our distributors have been so generous and together we are trying to help our community get through this. Greenbroz and Centurion Pro have sent us trimmers to rent at a discounted price to anyone who needs them. And our customers have been taking advantage of this! We can make it through this time together.

While the fires impacted a portion of Sonoma County, our scenic beauty, rolling vineyards, world-class wines, and locally grown food remains intact.

Many local workers have lost their homes or are displaced from their communities, but we are extremely fortunate that Healdsburg businesses remain unscathed and workers have a place of business to return to where we can focus on the efforts of rebuilding and moving forward…

As we strive to take care of our community and our neighbors in surrounding communities, we are asking for your help to support your local businesses, like Thrive Hydro, so we can stay strong, support our customers and help all of our Sonoma County families recover emotionally and economically.

Thank you all so much for your love and support.

#SonomaCountyStrong – #HEALdsburgStrong – #HEALdsburgHelps – #HEALdsburgHelpingHeal

Donna and Aaron at Thrive Hydro

We are committed to providing the highest quality hydroponic supplies

Our Products


You’ll find the very best grow light selection for indoor gardening and light dep greenhouses at Thrive Hydroponics. We have a wide selection of bulbs and lamps, light hangers, timers, grow light accessories and power cords. As well as every “lighting” brand in the industry.

Plant Nutrients

For organic and sun grown gardening, hydroponics, and light dep greenhouses Thrive Hydro carries the full spectrum of nutrients and supplements for growing both indoors and outdoors.

Plant Propagation

From complete propagation kits and accessories to the compounds and solutions you need for cloning, cuttings and seed starting, Thrive Hydro carries everything you need for top results.

Climate Control

We have environmental controllers for lighting, CO2, ballast timers, temperature and humidity, heating and cooling units.

Harvest Solutions

We have everything you need from pruners, trim bins, drying racks and trim machines to sealers and storage bags.

Timers and Instruments

For indoor gardening and greenhouses, lighting timers and controllers are essential equipment. We sell Intermatic timers, PPM meters, soil testers, moisture meters, digital thermometers, and hygrometers.

Growing Media

We offer a great selection of growing media especially produced for sun grown, hydroponic, indoor gardening and greenhouse applications as well as a wide variety of pots and containers.


Our specialty, we work with all of the leaders in the industry and offer great customer service in this important space.


Intl Greenhouse Co.
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Forever Flowering
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Emerald Kingdom
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We have been in the neighborhood since 2007

Helping you achieve your growing dreams

For over ten years, we have been helping our customers grow and thrive. Many of our hobby gardeners are now large commercial gardeners and they all remember when they bought their first products at Thrive and received our friendly and expert advice. There is no product available that we can not get for you and at the best price available. That is why our customers return to us over and over again and thank us so much for our help in making their growing dreams come true.

Our Best Sellers

GH- FloraGro

FLORAGRO: Stimulates structural and vegetative growth. Builds strong roots. Provides nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and secondary minerals.

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Botanicare CAL-MAG Plus

Cal Mag Plus: Is custom designed, highly beneficial calcium, magnesium, iron and trace mineral plant nutrient supplement

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Uncle John's Blend

Uncle John’s Blend: Is a complexed Potassium mixture that is used primarily to enhance a plant’s metabolic rate

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Our History

Thrive Hydroponics is a family run business of two generations of experienced growers who have been providing high quality and personalized customer service for over ten years in Healdsburg CA-right in the heart of Sonoma County Wine Country.

We have a 7200 sq ft warehouse in the Plum Industrial Park at Mill and Vine Street with ample parking, forklift and large loading space. We are open seven days at week.